About us

Just imagine that you have more time for your family, hobbies, sports and friends ...
Use our cleaning services in three towers and let us save you time!

We know that in today's hectic world it is very difficult to find time for family, friends or their own hobbies. Therefore, we want to offload you from activities such as cleaning and activities related to the household. We ensure that your household will be always maintained and clean. Our professional staff is discreet and reliable. Three towers Cleaning service - from us for us!

Helping others

In any service you order, you will help to a person in need.

Portion from all your payments helps to organization DOBRY ANJEL and to children suffering from cancer, who need our help. Become a good angel as well!
Our mission is to interact in charitable activities and provide assistance to people in need, regardless of race, nationality and religion. Working with us you support the association Slovak Catholic Charity that helps abandoned children and young people, families in need, sick, elderly, dying, homeless, migrants and refugees, pregnant women and mothers with children in need.

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