Removal Services

Removal Services


We offer professional moving services at unbeatable prices. Moving is provided throughout SR. We move apartments, offices, businesses, heavy burdens ... disassemble, assemble and deploy furniture to your liking.

The price is counted work of employees and costs of the car. If necessary, two cars, the price set by the agreement. It is between 8-12 € for every hour. Cars are with tail lift, Box (Iveco and VW).


2 workers per hour = 32 €
3 workers per hour = 40 €
4 workers per hour = 48 €

* Man work and car waiting time in Bratislava included in the price above. Transfer to be priced separately
** 20 removal boxes included in the price above
*** Heavy loads to be priced separately (piano, safe, solid wood cabinet)

Removal provide 20 boxes free of charge (except for a deposit)
Rent € 1 / additional piece
(deadline for repayment is seven days from the date of implementation of migration)
Deposit € 2.5 / piece (deposit refunded upon return of the boxes)

In the case of relocation outside of the branches is the price of 0.7 € / km (counted, both ways, ie not go from Bratislava to Piestany is 90 km's there, 90 km back, ie 180 km x 0.7 = € final amount).